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Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Inheritance as a Native American Indian: The Cherokee Link to the End Time Outpouring

When I first heard Perry Stone teach about the Native American Indian inheritance for the first time I was amazed and astonished. Why, because for one I'm Native American and two the rest of my book had no ending until now. I never affiliated my origin inheritance as a Native American to be linked to my immediate family ties. WOW!! This hit me like a ton of bricks. Here it is I was thinking that the inheritance legacy being stolen started and ended with my Father's wealth left behind. But no this goes back far back to the beginning. I want to thank God and the Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ for such a revelation as this. This has forced me to look further back in history as to “What Happen to My Inheritance.” We all are from a tribal origin according to Genesis 11 when God confused the language of man and scattered us to different parts of the earth. Our true stolen inheritance was taken way before right now. Please view Perry Stone's message and tell "Just Ask G" what you think.

Perry Stone | Manna-fest: The Cherokee Link to the End Time Outpouring Perry Stone "Native American Inheritance"

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