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Saturday, April 28, 2012

How Do You Break A Generational Inheritance Curse?

This question certainly takes a bit of research. But I will share my thoughts relative to my personal experience. Here goes!! I think being unevenly yoked have significant value to it. We know its applied in the realm of Christianity and much more attributed than we realize. Evenly yoked is not just talking about us both being believer's of Jesus Christ but understanding that there are levels of belief that would make us more compatible. For instance, I'm a born again believer and your a believer not born again. Our level of belief based on faith, knowledge, and inherited nature certainly plays a huge role in the choices and decisions we make. What I've noticed when it comes to something we want really bad, we tend to override what's good or right for us and choose the opposite.
Those choices become a family legacy passed down from generation to generation. Blessings or cursing, life or death. Choose ye this day whom you will serve. If your going to serve God than serve Him. Decisions, decisions we are Gods creative beings made in His image and given freedom of choice. Haven't you heard that "life is in the blood.” We've been told that the blood of the mother doesn't mix with her baby! How many people truly believe that the blood never ever mixes? The reason I ask is because if the blood never mix then we wouldn't have to every worry about diseases being transferred through the blood. Right? More on that later.
Being unevenly yoked relative to our families being blessed or cursed can easily begin with who you marry, and or who you allow to speak into your life. I'm speaking to Christians right now in terms of marriage. You've ignored God and His godly principals for your life. What's the end result? A whole lot of self help books being read and written. God forbid if we continue a negative behavior after experiencing the trials and marching around the same mountain a few times. We need to recognize quickly what's good or bad for us. Our Creator and judge has the option to turn us over to a reprobate mind according to Romans 1 if we don't get it together. Of course this is another topic for another day that we'll take a look at soon enough. What about all the time  we spend sowing to the wind the wrong things in and for our lives? How many people know that its coming up again? Its coming back in the form of a harvest.  Why? Because God has put the laws of nature in place "we reap what we sow." I would like talk more about reaping what's sown along with Genesis 15:8 where Abram is asking God about the promise of his inheritance. He asked, "How will the promise come to pass?" (Just Ask G) tell me what you think!

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